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About Stichting Weerklank (Foundation Resonance)

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LogoStichting Weerklank (Resonance) is a foundation that focuses on adults and children with special sensory experiences, such as hearing voices, seeing images and having personal beliefs. This is often referred to as hallucinations and delusions or even psychosis in mental health care.

Foundation Resonance exists for people with these experiences and for everyone who feels involved with them. So also family, friends and helpers.

Resonance pursues three goals:

Services to the target group

  • Informing people and their loved ones about the above experiences.
  • Provide mutual support and self-help
  • Thinking with people about ways of dealing with these experiences and, if required, advising on appropriate assistance.

Improvement of assistance

  • Providing information, training and intervision to emergency services in the regular and alternative circuit.

Influencing public perception

  • Through thematic meetings and information in the media to remove prejudices about voices and other special sensory experiences so that society can respond more tolerantly and comprehensively to people with these experiences.

Foundation Resonance is also active in an international context!

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