World Hearing Voices Congress: 12 - 15 September 2018 (Netherlands)


We hope you can join us at the next World Hearing Voices Congress
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Hearing voices is a common human experience. A lot of people who hear voices found a way to live with their voices. Other people have a lot of problems with the voices they hear. Voice-hearers have a long history of stigmatisation, pathologisation, exclusion and violations of their human rights. The worldwide Hearing Voices Movement aims to help voice-hearers find a way to live with their voices and to emancipate the hearing of voices.

We invite everyone to come together at the 10th World Hearing Voices Congress to learn with and from each other about hearing voices, recovery, emancipation and human rights!

Intervoice Day: 12 September

A day for people involved in the international hearing voices movement to exchange experiences, ideas, developments and feelings. A dialogue to help renew our enthusiasm and become inspired.

Congress: 13 & 14 September

A 2-day congress on the theme of human rights and hearing voices. Combines personal testimonies, presentations, workshops, dialogues, symposiums and a social event to celebrate World Hearing Voices Day.

Public Event: 15 September

A day that is mainly in Dutch, translated into English, aimed at raising awareness around hearing voices and human rights for a general audience.


Church of Our Saviour, The Hague
Church of Our Saviour, Bezuidenhoutseweg 157, 2594 AG Den Haag

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